Saturday 19th August 2017,


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My Favourite WordPress Plugins

posted by steve

As time goes on, I’d like to make a list of my favorite WordPress plugins as I come across them, so this is where they will appear.

Mostly for my own reference but I’m sure others will get some benefit out of the list too.


WPide (free)

Wow! Great plugin for quickly making changes to plugin/theme files.
In the past, I’ve struggled with the default WP theme/plugin editor. The final straw came when I couldn’t access certain function files that a theme author had added to a sub-directory. WordPress just wouldn’t show them so I couldn’t edit anything. Problem now solved by using this plugin. Good stuff!

Site Backups

BackWPup (free)

Backups are very important and, having tried many different backup plugins, I found this to do everything I needed including backing up to Dropbox which is a big advantage.


Cookie Law Info (free)

Being UK based, I have to consider the EU cookie law that came into affect a while ago. This plugin does a decent job of displaying the relevant cookie information to keep my sites legal.

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